RARSfest 2015 April 4

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Mar 10, 2007
Garner, NC
The Raleigh Amateur Radio Society is having its large expo at the Jim Graham Building at the State Fairgrounds on April 4th from 8am to 3:30. Price is $8 in advance or $10 at the door, 16 and under are free.
I've never been, but I know Sean and Johnny have, so I'll let them chime in on what's offered. I know checking out the new tech in HAM radios is a given, but they also give the exams, if anyone is ready to take the Tech exam (or higher).

I'm thinking of going, and wanted to see who else was interested.
I actually haven't made it out to a RARSfest yet. I was going to try to make this one.
I'll be out of town and have to miss this year but if you can make it, it's worth going.

There will be some new radio vendors, lots of parts vendors, and used stuff. It's the most ham stuff together in one place that I've seen.

It's also a really good time to take your test or upgrade your license. It's only $14 and there are free study guides online.
Should I wear a Mr. Spock or Capt. Kirk outfit? :flipoff2:
How about we dress like this Ramon? :) I'm the one on the left because I have a shoulder tattoo of course, and you can wear the headress. You'd look smashing!

deep breath....


I need to go check on my codpiece and pick up some razors. LOL.

:beer: R
I can say the same about the codpiece, but I'm pretty hairless.... :moon:

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