Rarest FJ Cruiser in the World...apparently

Mar 14, 2014
Columbus, Ohio
That is and will always be the holy grail of the FJC. I dont necessarily think its worth 47, BUT....These were $40K+ all day long when new (37500-ish +TTL). WIth inflation we are nearly to 45..... I know it isnt plastic-wrapped-new, but its about as close as you are gonna get.

If it were on BAT with a flawless undercarriage (assumed) it would get it.


Jun 12, 2011
Don't know when you all clicked the link, but the initial listing was for $147K. They had that number twice in the listing, so it didn't look like a mistake, therefore my initial sarcasm. They have updated it to $47K, so I would agree that it is a bit more reasonable. They should definitely try BaT vs CL.
Mar 9, 2014
FL Panhandle
There are several low mile example of these around, people bought them to store and resell, after tax and insurance not sure one would make anything making it worth it.
3-4 pop up a year of the same model with under 10k miles, usually not 6sp though. They are cool, I don’t mean to be dogging them to bad. But not worth the hype.

These did get the special shocks that no other model got. But I would not be surprised to find out that more than 2500 models exist. I did see Canada spec tt had the same badging and Toyota made no way to track the model type other than by non sequential vin that can be used to order to parts from a dealer.

I almost traded in my 07 trd 6sp for the same model 14 tt 6sp as above back when the dealer had one but threw the money at my 40 instead .

They were 41k in my area of the country new. When I bought my 07 in dec 09 they could be found on dealer lots for 27-29k new 35-36 for tt
Man car prices going up sucks.
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