Rain Gutters

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Jun 18, 2004
Pacific Northwest
So the PO's wife drove into the garage with the bikes attached.:rolleyes: Currently the plastic on the rain gutters is coming off--Any problems with just removing the plastic liner?
I talked to Dan about getting new ones. Part price was one thing, shipping a 10 foot skinny items was off the scale...

I don't know if you'll find raw edges, or paint scratched from the clips being wrenched. I'd think a simple "U" shaped molding could be slapped on them with some weatherstrip glue to hold the molding on for life. Get the black weatherstrip glue as it stays soft.

You would NOT believe how common that is. (driving into structures with cargo on roof..).
Thanks guys--I think I'm just going to pull them off. I always like the look of my old 40.
put some paint or goop in the gutter to cover up existing rust and prevent more?
Are you guys talking about the chrome trim piece that runs up from the front fender along the gutters? If so, this is a GREAT place to conceal a wire running to the roof rack(if you are so equipped). I used it to conceal the power wire to my overhead lights so that I wouldn't have to drill a hole in the roof or run the wire out the rear hatch. Just ran it under the cowl and up the gutter. Just a thought for those of you thinking about removing them.

I had mine replaced by a body shop. I don't remember how much it was, but I remember being surprised that it was less than I would have expected.

I replaced most of the exterior rubber and plastic on my 94, and it makes the vehicle look much, much newer. I think it was big bang for the buck.

Arya--It is the black running along the roof line--it is above the doors and windows.
I took mine off. I think it looks fine, and the finish is nice under there except for a seam about midway back. One hangup is that they do not carry the water as well at the A pillar with the plastic liner gone, so sometimes you get a wet head when it's raining hard.

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