Wanted Radiator Support Upper mesh, or entire support frame. '78 FJ40

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I don't believe later models had a 2 part mesh as early ones did...I have mesh off a 77 which would use the Later TOYOTA. emblem. Dave
@DSB345 can probably supply a pic; he chased one down a few years ago for his restoration.
Here is a poor quality example, but the chunk of mesh goes across the top of the support frame, it is not the mesh the emblem goes on:

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 11.31.09 AM.png

Dallas , hello sir

the mesh issue above is in NO way a deal breaker , and should be considered something you WILL have to address in one way shape or form
on any pre-owned support you wind up with ...........

its very easy to remedy , if you call my shop hot line , anytime , i can briefly go over the details , you will then say " Gee that was easy " :cool:

the rest of the support @kevos37 has above is a excellent base to start for your period correct needs in my opinion

even comes with 2 oem horns !

good luck my friend


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