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Feb 7, 2010
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I'm going to perform some baselining this weekend and replace my leaking oil pump cover seal at the same time. I know I can replace the seal with the radiator in place, but I plan on flushing the radiator also.

So my question is, will I be able to get more crud flushed out of the radiator with it off using a water hose, and then also flushing the block or should I just leave it on? The main reason I am considering removing it is that it would make the seal replacement easier. So if I can get it cleaner with it out (ability to turn it over and such), I might as well do that.

Also, I will be replacing the phh. I know some have done a bypass, and removed the metal tube. If I replace the phh with silicone hose is their really any benefit to bypassing the metal tube? Since the silicone is supposed to last forever, I theoretically wouldn't have to do this job again, and unless I'm missing something (not unusual), the reason to bypass is to make the job easier down the road.

I know aspects of both my questions have been covered before, but with the vast amount of info available I could only sift through some of it. So I'm sorry if I missed something easily found.

Jan 31, 2010
Radiator out is nice if you have the time and patience. Otherwise like you said it can be left in.

I did the PHH using the metal tube and the small silicone hose.
I was thinking of the bypass but didn't have the long enough hose yet and said **** it and just used the small hose and its held up fine for 8k so far and probably will for a long time.
Dec 22, 2010
I imagine some people dont like silicone hose due to it being so slick and the fact that if you dont use constant tension clamps it can slip off. I dont like it as it seems physically fragile when compared to a heavy duty rubber hose, though it doesn't break down over time either.
Unless your metal tube is rusty, the only real benefit to bypassing the phh is that the job is easier. I don't see any negative to it but that's debatable, that said I did it on ours using gates green stripe. Pulling the radiator would be ideal for flushing, but running the hose full bore through both the fill hole and the upper hose inlet is sufficient.
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