Radiator fluid leaking inside near heater...

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Aug 21, 2014
it finally turned cold here in colorado (-10). I went out to start my 1973 fj40 and everything went fine except I noticed a small puddle ( 1" dia) of rad fluid on the passenger side floor. I felt around the hoses, didn't feel or see a crack or leak...

Probably only leak under pressure - e.g. when at op temp - check/tighten clamps - check hoses closer - if nothing, start it and bring it up to op temp and see what you see.

Could also be a leak in the heater core. That's like a small radiator and they don't last forever.
As the previous poster said, you're going to have to check it out under pressure-warm engine/heat on.
Or, go to your local parts place that loans tools. Get a radiator test kit that will pressurize your system. That way you can crawl around looking for the leaks while it is pressurized with coolant that isn't 200 degrees.
Thanks...a little too cold now to crawl around my truck but soon as the weather breaks I'll try some stuff..btw this is my first winter with the cruiser and today got it out in 4x4 high/low and was amazed in the deep snow. It was a blast as it just crawled through the ice and snow drifts. Great fun!!!

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