Quick tire size question

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Jan 30, 2011
Morristown, TN
I found this set of TRD wheels and tires on craigslist for $700 and just want to make sure they will fit without rubbing. I know which 16" tires won't rub, just not sure about 17's. The tires are 285/70R/17. Will these fill the fender wells up a lot better than the 265/70/16's I have on right now? Putting them on a 2000 Land Cruiser. Thanks for the help

Great find. You are good to go. 285/75 r 16s fit on non lifted trucks, the ones you are looking at are almost the exact height and width.


Original Tire Size

Imperial Metric
Section Width:
11.22 in 285 mm
Rim Diameter: 16.00 in 406 mm
Overall Diameter: 32.84 in 834 mm
Sidewall Height: 8.42 in 214 mm
Radius: 16.42 in 417 mm
Circumference: 103.17 in 2,620 mm
Revolutions: 614.13/mi 381.67/k

New Tire Size


Imperial Metric
Section Width:
11.22 in 285 mm
Rim Diameter: 17.00 in 432 mm
Overall Diameter: 32.70 in 832 mm
Sidewall Height: 7.85 in 200 mm
Radius: 16.35 in 416 mm
Circumference: 102.73 in 2,614 mm
Revolutions: 616.76/mi 382.58/k
Choose a measurement system
Imperial Metric
Difference Percent
0.00 in 0 mm 0.00%
1.00 in 26 mm 6.25%
-0.14 in -2 mm -0.24%
-0.57 in -14 mm -6.54%
-0.07 in -1 mm -0.24%
-0.44 in -6 mm -0.23%
2.63/mi 0.91/k 0.43%
Thanks for the help. The ad says tires are about 75% and from the pics that looks about right. Best I can figure if you bought these tires and wheels new you would be around $2,400 so this has to be a heck of a deal. I've emailed them and said I would take them, just hope they're still there.
No doubt. Incredible score.
depends on the rim backspacing, I would think. Better check that.
I think he is good. These usually come off new tundras and I have seen others on the forum running them.
I think you're going to need spacers. At least for the front. Still a good deal.
You will absolutely need spacers for the front. No big deal but don't overlook this detail.
Please educate me on the spacer situation. If I use spacers only on the front, will it look weird? Also, I have no lift on mine, will there be a rubbing issue? Man I really appreciate all the feedbeack
Super Jealous!! If u don't want them ill pay ya 800 and drive up from FL!! ;)
Guys I've decided not to buy them, just a change in plans. Here's the link, located in Oak Ridge, Tn ( close to Knoxville ) Asking price is $1000 but the seller was willing to take my $700 offer, or at least they were as of this evening. http://knoxville.craigslist.org/pts/4816476040.html. I've already emailed them and told them I have decided not to buy them.

I'll probably regret not buying them but I'm going to stick with my stock 16" wheels and put some new 285's on. I hope the 285's don't kill my gas mileage but hey, I didn't buy the LC for good gas mileage. I guess I'm more concerned about power loss but I see most of you guys are running the 285 so it can't be all that bad. Thanks again for all your help
80 series is 6 bolt, not 5. 100 series is 5x150
I just saw these things are still available and I haven't bought anything yet, still tempted to get these. Just asking because I don't know, why will I have to get spacers for these? Is it a break caliper issue?

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