Questions from a beginner (LJ78)... :-)

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Apr 11, 2009
Hello Guys,

I am a Toyota enthusiastic, I never had a LC but always wanted one because I want to travel with it for some years. I am looking for an old LC because I don't want to put too much money in a car but still want something super-reliable which can take me almost everywhere and that I can fix/maintain myself.

I may have a good opportunity to buy a LJ78 2.4 TD 1998 very cheap (maybe too cheap - 1000GBP). But I don't know anything about these cars at all.

I am sorry to bother you with stupid questions but here are they:
- Do you know how much it consumption? I have to travel for long distances on bumpy roads so it is important to me.
- Are these 2.4 TD reliable? The car must have around 150,000 miles already and I wonder how long it can still go. I am always afraid of the Turbo because it usually weaken the engines, does't it?
- Is the 2.8L stronger? All I am interested in is reliability and low consumption, I really don't mind/need power.
- What are the main points (weaknesses) to mind when buying an old LC?

Thanks you very much.
Have a very nice day!
You should find several information on the 2L-T engine on this forum (also on the diesel forum) by searching for "2L-T" or "LJ78" with the "search" application.

Several of these comments are not very good.

Few of our "Cruiser guru" on this forum told to run away about the 2L-T engine.... almost... alway overheating problem.
Thanks David, I'll have a look.

That's exactly the kind of Info I am looking for...

Which engin should be the best according to my spec : lowest consumption possible (I know that LC are not economical) and most reliable.
Is there a No-Turbo diesel engine on LC?

I am not going to do heavy Off-Road, I just need a LC I can live in and travel with with minimum worries.

It looks like There are 4 engines that would be no-Turbo:
- 2L (2.4L),
- 3L (2.8L),
- PW (3.4L),
- 1HZ (4.2L).

I would guess the most fuel-efficient/reliability is the 3L isn't it?

But would somebody tell me if the 3L in its NO-TURBO version has ever been put on LC 70?

Thanks a lot!
Go for the 1HZ models,it can be turboed if you want and is reliable.
I agree miss the *L engines my stock LC II LJ70 has the 3L with 375,000k's and there is signs of previous overheating. Tooo many problems they are slow and gutless also. Now looking for a 1KZ or similar I may even go down the old 13B-T path I just love the engine.

WHats wrong with having a turbo - maintenance wories? 1KD 4D4 would also be ok if you wood look at turbos'.

The new SWB LC II I am buying from a friend is 2LT-E and its had 3-4 engines in it all suffered from overheating problems in its long life with him.

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