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Oct 29, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
I have a FJ Cruiser but always want to buy 55. Now I am looking buy this pig for $4000. Owner said it has F1 with weber 38 and dui distributor, 4 speed few rust cancer, power starter, new brakes about a year old but needs to be adjusted. Is this worth to but it for $4000 or should I wait for something better? Pleases let me know. Thanks
need more pix; specially of the problem areas; rockers, rear quarters; roof/gutters and floor pans.............also the under dash and dash areas!

All I can do is compare it to what I spent and the condition it is in now. It's going to need floorboard patches, rockers, and probably fender patches too. The tailgate looks a little buggered up and has some rust. the rubber is no doubt dry and needing some replacement. The driprails are rusty, but I can't tell how rusty...if it's surface, that's fine, but if it's through, that's more metal work. Springs are flat, so suspension would be good. But hey, on the good side, LOOK AT THOSE WHEELS! BLING!

I don't think I'd pay $4K. But, I also think that it is a super cool truck and I don't know how soon it would be that your would find something "better."

By the way, I have and FJCruiser and a 55 and did the same thing you are considering. Bought the 55 2 years ago and just finished it up in the last week or so.
I saw your restoration process and your pig looks really nice. Good job on that. Oh by the way I used live in Macon, GA. I thought of it when I saw the historic GA license plate. But I don’t think I have a time and money to do like yours. I guess I will be looking for my pig for a little longer.
For the money, You could find a decent rig through ebay, There have been quite a few lately or certainly keep an eye out on here, Most of the people in this section have seen most of what comes through here.
Good luck

Ive said it before, Clementine (click name) in my sig was only $1,000, I know its not the nicest rig, But it runs nicely and does what it is supposed to do.
I wouldn't pay any more than $2500. If you keep a constant eye out, you can find deals. For $4K, you shouldn't have to do anything really. Keep looking or offer less. Good luck.

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