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Dec 21, 2005
what is the double cab called and does any one know the full story i have had two so i know they are real and i have the window sticker so i know toyota was involved but that is all i know please help?
use periods... please. I had to read that three times! :D

The taco double cab was introduced in 01 in the US, is that what you're talking about? Otherwise, they've been available outside of the US (Hilux's) since the early 80's.
I have a pic (South Africa) of a "98" Hilux 4x4 crewcab

it looks just like an 85 (body style) it has SA's, a 3L and is 4door. (crewcab)

A 98!!! 3L!! S.A!!! 4x4!!! Oh yeah, and...............

F@#K u Toyota N.A!!!

thanks for staying true to your roots.....

P4WOR... rules.
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