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Jan 25, 2008
Opelika, AL
After I finally got my whole oil change woe's squared away and cancelled my trip planned for the day. I decided the PVC needed to be changed. I had read on here about how to do it without dropping the gasket down in the engine. So I got my Vice grip pliers, a piece of wood to use for leverage, and my new parts. I grabbed the hose on the PVC and moved the clamps up out of the way. Then I grabbed the hose and tried to pull it off the PVC. Instead the grommet came out with the hose and the PVC. The grommet didn't break off when I pulled it out but had been broken off for some time because it came out too easy. I barely pulled it and the grommet is nowhere to be found. I looked all inside that little hole and didn't see anything. I remember when someone on a PVC change thread asked what would happen if any of the grommet was left in and the response was that it would self destruct in 5...4....3.... So far I haven't had any catastrophic engine meltdown and I'm sure it had to have been like this for a while. Thoughts, Comments anyone? Am I just lucky?

change all those PVC's to PCV's. Thanks whodat. I just noticed it's in the title too. :doh:
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:whoops: Wow!! What a dumb***. Yeah, not the stuff your indoor plumbing runs through.
Cj80...put the tools down and step away from the Cruiser. Next, pick up a phone and dial a psychiatrist / doctor and explain to them you have officially entered the realm of 80's sickness. Let them know that you feel this is no ordinary affliction...but a very potent strain. Ask them for advice and get back with us...
Look in the yard (or other side of the garage). That's where my "pulled too hard", "heard a clink" stuff always ends up. Found my Dewalt in the engine bay after the fender bit on my snorkal install and the yellow monster jumped out of my hands.:)
I'm not looking for the PCV because I know for a fact that this piece of the grommet was not on there. I barely pulled on the valve and it just popped out. I'm not really worried about it since I know this had to of happened awhile ago. I wanted to know what people thought about the statement of the motor will self desctruct in 5 seconds if a piece is lost in the engine since mine hasn't yet. Is there a logical explaination or was that statement an exaggeration?
IMHO, a 10+ year old piece of dried up crumbly rubber would not be much of a match for a timing chain/camshafts etc. I wouldn't start using your engine as a Garburator or anything, but I wouldn't worry too long about it.

An oil change to get rid of any rubber chunks might not hurt though ;)
Uh oh.

Sounds like you need to pull the engine out. You need to put it on a stand, turn it upside, and have someone help you shake it until the little rubber pieces fall out.

Good luck
I was thinking I might need to do that. I really don't want to take the engine out though. Anybody got something I could just turn the whole truck upside down with? I've seen people use this on the frame when they're restoring cars but I need something for the whole truck. I can't believe it's going to be this much work. Gotta be atleast a 20:banana: job.

I had the same thing happen on two different 80's but was able to feel around with a set of hemostats and remove the pieces.
Actually, mine broke off a little, but I never worried about it. Eventually, I took the valve cover off to replace the dry and cracked gasket. I looked around, but never saw it. That was a while ago - so no harm, no foul, I guess.

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