puma option?

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Sep 13, 2014
Prescott AZ
So like most people here I quickly learned that an OME heavy lift on my 96 LX450 looks great, gives fantastic clearance, and opens a whole world of possibilities. I currently run 35" tires and am very happy. However off-road, while capable, can prove to be rather rough. I quickly learned the value of airing down tires ( newer to off road ). I like the idea of rapid deflators but have not invested yet. The obvious problems you have already imagined is re-inflation. Driving home or to air station is just rookie. I have decided that the Puma is the way to go vs CO2 simply due to the refill problem. I have removed the factory sub and amp and intend to put an inverter in the vacant space. Since I plan to install an inverter, I have to ask if this Campbell air compressor is better buy. The 110V diversity is nice (I have a home unit) and the price of $80 is less than half. When I consider the added cost of wiring the Puma, vs the wiring for the inverter that I will run anyway, it's even more appealing. I am new to the 80 world, and have found this thread is FULL of knowledgeable people and would love to hear your opinions on this...Thanks


I too was considering an inverter with a and AC compressor. Then I had a long talk with a guy who's worked in the air tool business for a number of years and learned a lot about power loss during transfer from DC to AC, how under powered a compressor often is compared to what it is listed at (keep in mind this is much like MPG ratings for cars, it's the absolute optimal numbers), and tried out his Puma on my tires one night when I burnt another MV-50 fuse up.

Bought a Puma and some jumper cables, then a $17 air chuck and line from NAPA, and I can take my 37" tires from about 15psi to 40psi in about 3:15 per tire. The chuck also clips on, so I can go sit in the truck with the heat on and not freeze my baguettes off during the winter.

I'm glad I bought the Puma and without even talking to him, I kept thinking it had to be a good choice if so many were using it.
Bought the Puma, never looked back. You won't regret the Puma, match it with a mount from LandCruiserPhil and you have the perfect air system.

Looking from the back seat towards the rear.
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Saddletramp, what wheel mount are u using next to the puma mount?
The Puma mount and compressor have been my plan all along. There was a guy here who made a mount with an integrated tire carrier. I contacted him via PM and it does not seem to be something he is interested in doing at the moment, its a shame cause a lot of people want this other than just me. I would love to know how that tire is mounted next to the puma (In Saddletramps' post), as I currently don't have a rear bumper mount and carry inside.
I am using the ratchet strap method discussed by A few of the CopperState members. I'll try to take a picture this morning.

Some prefer the Slee stripper pole. I've been discussing a modification with a local fabricator to make a mount to bolt to the existing floor mounts and using the Puma mount for a veritical anchor.

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Update, I'm now using a tire carrier manufactured by LCP as an addition to the LCP Puma mount. It really is the best install for the person needing to keep their spare inside once you add a Luke's bumper.

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