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Jun 2, 2009
OK... I'm putting a mini-truck power steering set up with a saginaw steering pump in my 74 40 with a SBC 400 motor. We ran into an issue when trying to mount the pump to the block. There is no room (pump hits the engine mounts)! I need to mount the saginaw pump high. Apparently, these brackets are not easy to find as I have searched high and low and called every junk yard within 50 miles. However, I did find this bracket set and was wondering if anyone knows if it mounts high (to the head) or low (to the block):

Muscle Car Metal

I'm thinking this might be it based on Dingadong's post here:

My head is tapped with 3 holes, so do I assume correctly that the bracket I posted will work and get the pump up higher? Any help is appreciated!

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