problems with 2F head gasket install!!

Jul 25, 2005
Hi all,
I am currently installing a new head on my 2F engine (FJ60) since my last one cracked in numerous places from overheating issues. Now, I have run into the following issue before, but in light of my overheating issues, I was interested in your collective expertise. The new head gasket seems to be missing water jacket holes in it. And, some of the water jacket holes in the gasket are cut too small for the holes they match on the head/block. I have checked pictures of head gaskets at the local auto parts store, Toyota, and on CCOT's website, and all gaskets for the 2F (1983 with an unknown age new cylinder head--maybe newer, 1985?) seem to be missing these holes. Due to my overheating issues (new water pump, fan clutch, thermostat, and coolant hadn't seemed to help at all with the previous head gasket install with an identical gasket missing same holes), should I cut out all the missing holes to achieve greater coolant flow, or leave as is? Thanks in advance for any advice!!

Mark S.


Jun 25, 2003
Boulder, CO
The missing or reduced holes are to force flow to areas with bigger holes. Usually the holes closer to the water pump are smaller so that the areas of the head/block far from the pump get adequate cooling. You shouldn't need to modify the gasket. The old failed gasket can give clues as to where the failure occured. Since you're replacing the head, you should be all set but I'd carefulley examine the block for any cracks and check the flatness since its apart.
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