Problem with a timing belt replacement

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May 14, 2010
Hello Mudmates,
My son, an ASE cert mechanic was working on getting the housing that holds the thermostat off and it was stuck. I offered my assistance and with a small prybar, got the housing to start moving. Unfortunately the housing broke and needs to be addressed. Is there any type of silicone/hi temp gasket material that could be used to re-seal this area or am i just going to have to find a replacement? Has anyone else run into this issue and does any one have a microfiche or pic that shows the part and the part number. I am lucky that i have several vehicles and work from home just want to get this fixed and the TBWP job done.


damaged thermo.jpg
you need a new housing.

where the housing broke, that is sealed with an o-ring that comes with the water pump. the other part of hte housing, the rectangle part, that is sealed with fipg. small bead in the groove and your good to go
Can be easily located in a salvaged from tundra 4runner 03 and up 2uzfe engine
I did the exact same thing. Replaced with a used Tundra housing and even used the old oring off the tundra unit as it was in perfect shape.
Thanks for the info on the alt options. What do you call this housing and does anybody have a part number?
Broke mine the exact same way just this month. Previous mechanic used a sealant in addition to the oring and it was very, very stuck.

I think this is a really common failure during a timing belt job on these motors.

Dealer had one in stock across town, but it was a solid 50% more than online dealers. I'd also advise replacing the fan bracket bearing while you're in there and perhaps the fan clutch as well.
Thanks for the diagram labcab but unfortunately it has an error. both items 14 and 21 have the same 16321-0F010 part number:(

Thanks for the other recommendations everyone.......

Now off to find these on the west coast. Anyone know of a great discount parts place now that Cruiser Dan has retired?
Maybe you get both halves of the housing with one part number? Report back with the part number details when you get it sorted.
I ended up finding a housing out of a Lexus LS400 at a salvage yard for $30. I was told that the correct p/n is 16032-50110 but i have not verified this info.......

Thanks again everyone.

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