Problem during valve cover gasket repair (1 Viewer)

Apr 24, 2011
Orange County, CA
I'm in the middle of doing the valve cover gasket and when I pulled the cover off the spark plug tube seals practically crumbled. One of them stayed complete in the tube and a couple others fell apart.
I picked up the pieces but one from the #6 is missing and can't find it anywhere.:(
I thought I felt it with my finger way in the back when looking for it but not 100% sure.
Is very hard to access that part of the engine to take a good look but I used some mirrors and can't seem to find it.
Are there any oil galleys or places where this could have gone in back there?.
I also looked inside the plug tubes just in case but they are clear (plugs are still in).

How bad of an issue would this be if I can't find it.


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