Pritchett Canyon Videos in 80 series...

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Jun 17, 2005
Hey guys,

Here are some videos from our recent trip out to Moab, UT for the UTV Rally. I was itching to go ride all week on Pritchett Canyon, so I figured why not go out with one of the UTV rides on Saturday. It was well worth it even though I broke a driver's side birf and bent my drag link. Here's the progression of videos from start to finish of the trail:

This is from the beginning through Rocker Knocker:
YouTube - Pritchett Canyon in Moab, UT in a '97 LX450 / Landcruiser

This is just past Rocker Knocker and up through the end of the trail at Yellow Hill:
YouTube - Just Past Rocker Knocker Thru Yellow Hill - Pritchett Canyon - '97 LX 450 / Land Cruiser

This is from the top down to the last obstacle where I ran out of memory card room for the best part:
YouTube - Yellow Hill Down - Pritchett Canyon - '97 LX450 / Land Cruiser

But, one of good friends Wayne and Jackie caught the near rollover on their camera:
YouTube - LX450 / Landcruiser on Pritchett Canyon - Near Rollover

I was amazed at how well the 80 did on this trail. I've ridden it a few times in my RZR, and it's a whole different ballgame in an 80. The main thing I realized is that I need much better brakes, bigger balls, some good spotters, and I'd say the only limitation to this thing is me at this point. I'm very impressed with the way it handled. I am going to still 3-link the front, but I'm thinking about keeping the shocks the same length.

After breaking the birfield and bending the drag link, I upgraded the front and rear axles with Longfields and Poly Performance axles. I also got very lucky and Ben from Slee Offroad delivered the heavy duty tie rod and drag link tubes with wheel bearings and tie rod ends to Moab 4x4 for me as they were heading up to Cruise Moab. I didn't have to use the bearings, so I delivered them back to Slee at Cruise Moab before we headed out of town. Awesome customer service and got me back on the road to Boone, NC on Thursday this past week. I used the Marlin Crawler seal/rebuild kit with their HD seal, and everything is back to normal...just a whole lot stronger. I'm thinking my next set of tires should be 40's. :) K, just kidding...I don't even have the balls to push it to it's limits now on 37's. :) I'll post pictures when I get a chance...


P.S. If you're not into UTVs, it doesn't matter. This is a hilarious video of a guy not with our group that was high on something, that's for sure:
YouTube - Polaris Ranger Rollover - Rocker Knocker on Pritchett Canyon
That near rollover would have had me cleaning up the pants afterwards. Did you use a strap on the rear passenger and then ease her down?
I actually had my winch on the back, but it was attached to the anchor on the the top right of the climb. So, as my rear end lifted up it really was almost helping to flop me over. We should have had it up and to the left(passenger side), but luckily I made it through unscathed. I thought for sure I was going over...

Wow, I just about crapped myself watching that near rollover :eek:
Good work!!

The near roll looked pretty exciting, especially with the wife commentating. Did you find any shark fins in the seat? :D

Pritchett can be a lot of fun with the right group. Ran it at CM 2009 in the rain and although fun was a lot of work. Add to the rain a busted birf and there was a lot of winching.
Yeah, I'm leaning towards a miracle at this point. :) I can't imagine doing Pritchett in the rain, that's for sure.

i love the heavy lean towards passenger side.....all the while hitting the horn....

right on....thats what its all about tho isnt it....spirit of adventure....or in this case....trying not to pee on ur seat......most prob would :)
wow. that's all I can say. Mirroring other comments before me, I think I would have filled up my pants. You got the gangsta lean going on though :p

Thanks for sharing the videos.

Great to meet you, funny who you'll run into at City Market :hillbilly:

That was really close and it had momentum in the right direction to roll, amazing :D
You too Nay. So, did you end up running Pritchett too? I know you were wanting to...I'll run it again next year for sure, just better prepared for the descents this time around.

Cant believe that one... Definate 2 change of underwear event. Made me feel a wee bit squidgy just watching.
Women...always freakin' out! LOL...I was in the same boat though. :)

My hole puckered just watching the video.
Those videos are insane. That one of the UTV was crazy, he destroyed himself.
Yeah, a helmet would have been smart for both of us the entire time. :)


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