Primer question

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Apr 4, 2010
Springville, Utah
I'm wondering what would be a good primer to use for my situation, I don't have a lot of time or space so I'm pretty much doing body work on one panel at a time. I don't have a gun/compressor to spray anything, is there a good primer I could brush on and leave it for a few months until I could paint? I'm getting confused between all the epoxy / latex -can only sit for a week or else you have to re-prime stuff that I've been reading.
Use a spray can primer easy application only problem with primer is it will not keep moisture from penetrating over the long term you will have to strip it before you top coat if you wait to long.
I don't think you should leave it primed, it needs some paint on there to seal it up. How about get some primer and paint the same color and expect to sand the paint off. Talk to you paint dealer and ask them what spray can stuff to use for your paint selection.

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