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Dec 8, 2018
Los Angeles
JDM Prado Taillights Install and wire for reverse light . . .

Install/Write Up

Start by removing your taillights.
Their are 2 10mm bolts on each side
Having a plastic tool to pop the taillight helps.
Remember facing the taillight pull towards you or else you could brake the tabs for the clips.
Once remove, un-clip the connector from the back of the taillight.
Make sure to have some shrink wrap 16 gauge cable and connectors to make the job easy.
On the edge of the trunk there's a door sill, pop off the small covers using a small flat head.
Once the covers are popped off you'll see some philip head screws, remove those.
Once the screws are removed simply pull the door sill towards you, on the outer edges their connected to the interior quarter panel.
Remove the cargo net hooks by push in and twist, and pull.
Inside you'll see another philips head, go ahead and remove it.

Now its a nice time to test your taillight, on the driver side your Brake/Parking light and turn signal should work.

Make sure to order Qty. 2 of 82998-12340 from your local Toyota dealer.

On the passenger side you need to re-pin the connector having the write tool for the job makes it super simple.
Basically your transfering over the 2 terminals on the right to the left. See image for help.
Open up the passenger side interior quarter trim you'll see a blue connector.
On that blue connector remove the tape around it to expose all the cables. You want to tap in to a Red/Blue Cable should be the 3rd one from left to right.
Once you tap in to the cable using the correct cables go ahead and attach about 6ft of 16 gauge wire to it.
Helps to check with a tester every time to make sure your taping in to the correct wire.

Here is the part were it was tricky for me.
I used a long zip tie I had from the out the inside to fish out the terminal you'll be connecting to the connector.
The terminal will be going in on the the bottom right if your looking at the connector from the back, see images for help.
Once you clip the terminal to the connector go ahead and finish it off with electrical tape for that OEM look.

On the opposite end I put a connector end and tapped in to the wire that i had added when I first tapped in to the GX's harness.
On the rear door sill you'll see some wires going to the driver side, I simply used some small zip ties and use that route for the drivers side taillight.

I used a connector to connect to the terminal and finished it off with some heat shrink cable wrap.
For the driver side is the same as the passenger side, terminal goes on the bottom right if your looking at the connector from the back.

Afterwards go ahead and finish it off with some electrical tape.

I went ahead and re routed the connector from the top hole of the body to the center, drivers side was really simple but passengers side was more difficult due to the space but so much easier to connect to the taillights.

Hopefully this helps some body out there if any question feel free to ask.

If my write up helps you finish up your Prado taillights post your pics . . .

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