Power steering

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Jun 24, 2003
Vancouver, Washington
What are some different options for power steering?
Pros and cons bbn of the differnt set ups.
I have 71 fairly stock 1f running 33 x12.50 tires not sure if it has spring lift or not.

Old 72 fj40 i had Saginaw , with 37 x12.50 tires.

And another box?
I don't know what all my options are. Thanks
I agree with Lil'John regarding using a conversion that eliminates the center arm/excess steering middle men/excess opportunity for slop in the steering, but I disagree with not using a 'regular' Saginaw gear box. Using a regular Saginaw series 800 gear box has been done a zillion times, provides the best ratios, and only the really mechanically deficient/challenged have bloched up the job. Yes it is possible to weaken the frame/front crossmember it you hack out a big chunk and don't replace it with something. Normally you'd box in the frame/replace material after cutting away some of it's material.

As far as gear box ratio, the 3 1/2 turn boxes (16 to 1) have a much better ratio than the 4 1/4 turn boxes (20 to 1), and many with the 4 1/4 turn boxes complain of to much mushinesss/not enough feel of the road.

As far a 3 bolt boxes versus 4 bolt boxes, It really doesn't matter because on many models when GM used a 4 bolt box they only installed 3 bolt holes in the frame for mounting (ignored 4th mounting hole in the gear box).
I have been selling and installing the ‘traditional ‘ Saginaw conversions for almost 30 years now without issue. I have them on two of my rigs. My 40, which has had it since 91, and has wheeled the Rubicon over a dozen times, and my 45, which has had it since ‘06, and is my ‘go anywhere’ rig. Zero issues with either.


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