Power steering pump replacement/rebuild

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Oct 28, 2020
granite bay
Hey Mud, I need some recommendations on a new power steering pump for my '88 22re 4x.
The old pump is starting to whine, and I want to get out ahead of it.
Replace or rebuild?
I haven't priced a new one through the stealership,.
If Toyota sells a reasonably priced one, I will go that route.
Aftermarket prices seem to be a couple of hundred bucks. If I go that route, which ones to avoid?
Are the rebuild kits of good quality?
I can tackle the job so no worries there.
Almost forgot...:flipoff2::flipoff2:
Thanks in advance
Looks like Rockauto.com has a few new options for around $120. There is a 5% discount code here someplace.
Thanks Pappy, I will check it out. When it comes to power steering pumps, I don't think the extra cash I would spend buying from the dealer is necessarily money well spent.
@whiteyota there have been people who have commented that the rebuild kits you get on rock auto of all the different brands may be identical to what you pay for going toyota. I can say at least on the 80 series land cruiser power steering pump kits, i have compared a toyota one to one i got of rockauto and the seals looked to be exactly the same.
If you don't want any down time you can source a used power steering pump and rebuild it so that you are just swapping when it comes time. For my 80 i got one from slow95z cheap. My pickup is completely disassembled so it didn't matter there. You can get an extra kit and rebuild your old one too giving you one to sell or have as a spare.

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