power steering pump problem

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Oct 31, 2003
I've recently replaced the power steering pump, but it just went bad again. I've heard of a different size belt that will bypass running the power steering pump and still run the alternator, etc. Does anyone know the size of the belt or anything more specific about it?
Replace it again. Make sure you drain out all the old fluid and replace with ATF not PSF (if OEM). NAPA makes a great reman for both saginaw and oem. If you continue to have problems it might be that the pressure or return hoses are going out on the inside or you have a heat issue. For stock applications the OEM pump cant be beat as long as you change the fluid; it should be changed once a year.

If you want to bypass it then wrap a string around the pullies you want to have on the belt then measure it. Add 3-4" to the lenght then go buy the belts on both sides of this measurement. Accept the fact that you have bought the wrong ones and start again. Last time I did this on a 55 with new PS it took 14 belts to get it right :-[

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