power steering pump noise

Jan 8, 2003
The power steering pump in my 85 FJ60 has begun making groaning noises when it is cold. At around freezing, it makes the noise when I turn the wheel to the right. It is most noticable when the motor is cold, and quiets a bit as it warms up, but does not go away. When it is closer to zero degrees, it makes noise turning the wheel both directions(while the truck is not moving it is easier to notice.) When it is REALLY cold (it has been 15 below zero here lately) it makes a horrendous moan when I start the truck, without turning the wheel, but it quiets down as the truck warms up. The fluid level is OK and there are no apparent leaks.
So, do I need a new power steering pump, or is there something else at work here? New OEM pumps are about $400-$500 at SOR, MAF and CCOT. Ouch!
Does anyone have experience with the rebuilt pumps from Man-a-Fre or Cool Cruisers?
Mar 14, 2003
Gig Harbor WA
not sure but before I got a new pump I would flush the PS fluid, maybe(and I don't know) that moisture is in the system, when freezing or colder then its freezing or something? I don't know.......just kinda thinking out loud.

No experence with rebuild pumps.


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Oct 1, 2003
I have not owned a Toyota that the PS pump did not make noise when it got cold outside. All worked fine when it was warm, but did not really want to wake up when the temp. dropped. I just let them warm up, and away we go. Personally, if it is not leaking anywhere, I would not stress this, but that is just my opinion from owning seven different Toyotas with Toyota PS over the years...

Good luck!


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