Powder coating/blasting SEPA

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May 7, 2016
Coatesville PA
So I picked up a second hand expedition one bumper today and I'm going to need it blasted and powder coated. Got a quote from a guy I know for $300 for the whole job. He does mostly high end show car stuff, but I don't need fancy as I'm sure it will get roughed up on the trails. I have no idea if that pricing is high or not, but I feel I could get some Amish dude to do it on the cheap. I'm on the chesco/Lancaster border, but I don't mind driving for the right price.

Thought about a new thread, but figured this was a similar direction for the fabricator types - any recommendations on water or laser cutting in the Lancaster to Harrisburg area?
If I put together a dxf of what I need, could you give me a quote? And where in Harrisburg?

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