Possibly unloading my herd of 40's

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Jul 28, 2007
So I'm in the midst of starting a business where I will need the shop space. I may need to unload a couple 40's. One is a daily driver BJ42, AXT turbo low Km 3B, H55F five speed, power steering, solid body with Aqualu Tub. The truck needs a paint job to be pretty or use it the way it is. I've also got a 1980 BJ40, complete that needs restoration but is a good candidate for a full restoration. I've also got several 3B's, axles, transfer cases, axles, soft tops and boxes of parts. I'd consider a package deal if there is someone who wants a great cruiser and enough parts to keep it going forever. Not sure if I want to part with the collection yet but testing the water for interest.

1982 for the 42, the 40 is a 1980 with the B engine
Soft top.. new?? Price
Any spare thirds?
3b prices??
Hey good looking, where you been hiding??
I was in North Van for almost 3 months at seaspan working on the new joint support ship for the navy.. came back to Vic mid December.. been working like crazy here.. just did 21 days straight 10s .. what's you been up too...
1982 for the 42, the 40 is a 1980 with the B engine

Had my eye on that 42 back when you bought it. looks like a good truck. when it was still in AB the PO indicated its registered as a 1980 but the frame's from an 83. glws

Yup, It's registered as a 1980. I think it's built out of a few trucks.

So I'm throwing this out there to the Island folk first before I advertise.

The 40 is full restoration project. The frame is solid, it's very complete and original. I have a BC registration for it so it is papered. I'd be looking for around $3500.

The 42, with the new rims, tires, batteries, clutch, clutch master, clutch slave, Tuffy Console and Low KM turbo 3B I'd be around 20k. This is a dependable daily driver.

Both trucks with all the spare diesels. axles, transmissions, transfer cases and boxes of spare parts I'd start with for 25K
There is a spare H55F with the unobtainium 40 series top, 4 speed, spare disc break axles, a couple transfer cases, 2 3B diesels, boxes of 24 volt spares, new Aqalu rad support and tons of other stuff.
The 42




The 40 and the parts





The 40 is sold has a new home and will hopefully get restored.
Its already being restored^^^^

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