Possible power steering leak? (1 Viewer)


Aug 6, 2020
Portland Oregon
Just for reference, this is a ps pump leak. How I know is because I replaced the oil pump cover gasket, front main seal, distributor o ring, and low pressure hoses (which were crusty). After driving it for about 30 minuets this is what it looks like. Everything else above and around is dry. So will take off to rebuild and stop the hemorrhage. Just in case you are to replace the low pressure ps hoses beware the 3/8 lines are a pain to fit back in because they are 0.5mm smaller than oem and it makes a difference. Had to put them in boiling water and stretch before they went in. Also don’t laugh at my little stupid Toyota replacement oil filter.

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What is this? Is this the oil pump you were talking about?


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