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Feb 16, 2005
Spokane, WA
Well last week I got the bushings for my sway bars replaced with polyurethane, and I'm pretty impressed. They were a grunt and a half to get on (helps to use a press for some of 'em), but they definately don't screw around. I found I have to be more careful when turning corners on wet pavement since my truck's body alone doesn't absorbe the centrifugal force anymore. They're definately worth the money though, and I can't wait to get the chance to change out my shackles with the greasable ones and install the poly bushings for those as well. I'm still trying to track down poly shock absorber bushings for FJ60/62s since the rubber bushings that came with my shocks three years ago are completely shredded and almost non-existant. That and I'm on the lookout for poly body mounts as well. I figure if I can get around to changing out my old squished body mounts I may as well put .5" or 1" thicker bushings (I'm thinking .5" would be perfect since I don't want to lift the body alot).

Anyone know where I can get poly shock bushings and body mounts?

EDIT: Well I found poly shock bushings and body mounts at www.energysuspension.com, but I don't know what measurements are the right ones for our trucks. Anyone know?

I know I need two bayonet shock style bushings for the tops of the front shocks, and the rest are the hourglass style "half bushings". If they're all the size then I'd be good to go with 12 of those. Just thinking out loud here, and I'm still not sure on the body mounts (which I assume I'd need new bolts for too if I got thicker mounts).
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Mar 18, 2004
Abbeville, SC
roger browm is the place for body lifts/new mounting sets.

No clue on the shock mounts, poly makes this stiffer, and firmer. So not sure if the shock bushings would be a + or - ?
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