PodCasts..any thoughts?

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Aug 31, 2008
I'm just wondering since it isn't that hard to put the available media together and throw out a podcast these days for post event coverage? Something like it's put together around the same time as an article that is going to print, then is available as an online only exclusive to coordinate with the print coverage. Sort of how you used Jerod's writeup to supplement coverage recently.

All you'd really have to do is combine them with pics and event coverage and throw it on the site as a means to embrace the new aspects of online access and all that.

Let the bashing and arguing ensue?

Reference this for what I mean, let me know and I can try to throw something together..

Toyota Trail Teams - Download free podcast episodes by The Trail Teams on iTunes.

Something I wasted a little time doing as a cheesy example..

YouTube - WhyRoad-Chpt3
Nice! I like it, but run it by Todd, for his input. Also, I will be calling you, but have had a storm of stuff going on between work, family, and MSVP stuff, I've been running double time to stay just behind!!! :)
No worries, with over 60 views and no replies I'd pretty much given up on the idea any how. Thanks for your reply just now, at least someone likes it.

Let me know, and as I put up in the PMC thread, although our budget's tight this year with my lay-off and the little one arriving, I'm happy to try to put something together if anyone wants me to try.
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Super cool news about the new little one!! Woohoo!
Sorry to hear about the job thing, though. I will be in touch about those other ideas, please re-pm me your number.
I've been trying to work on an idea along these lines, but the podcast thing wasn't quite it, but i like it!!
hit me up via p.m. and I will either get you my number, or we can discuss. I would like to hear more about this, and what we can do with it... I keep forgetting, but haven't forgotten....
:hmm: I've been so busy lately with life and everything I pretty much figured it was a dead issue. I literally am just now eeking out an hour or two of freetime lately.

I would want to look into the whole process and stuff so I would know how to do the things and whether or not people even would embrace it.

Shooting off a pm now.
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I've been tossing the idea around of creating an offroad podcast for a few years now.... I've been streaming podcasts from my phone for a few years. I listen to tech and financial podcasts almost nightly when I exercise (yeah, I'm fat, but i walk nightly! that's none of your business!)
I got laid-off work last year and started in on setting the idea up... but, found a job and shelved it.

The only way a podcast will work is if it's consistent... and at least a weekly episode. Anything more random and it won't get followers. i listen to podcasts based on routine and not necessarily content.... TWiT series... why? because i know it'll be available EVERY week...

I'd love to participate in a weekly episode if someone wants to start? I also attend quite the events in the SouthEast... so I'm typically "in the know"
We will discuss this after the first of the year.. just haven't had the time to call Shane, yet, but things will calm down after the holidays, and I absolutely want to research this, and see what we can come up with.
My big concerns are:



Time Investment.


Out of all of those, viability being the biggest hurdle I forsee. I am more than happy to invest some time if a model can be found that is a great draw. What I have seen are really great podcasts that go by the wayside the minute the key player has something happen to draw their time away. Then there are the decent one's that for some reason turn into someone's soapbox.

I was not overly busy when I thought this up, and now that winter is here my time is in limbo with some weeks being buried by work and family stuff.

What needs to be looked at overall is what draw there will be and how we keep that draw and viability happening..say for example when something that's looming on my horizon happens and I'll have to not be available for a bit while I handle family stuff.

A good team needs to be put together. I am an idea man, I am also an action man, but I can and won't go at this alone. I want a strong team of people with a strong list of contacts, etc so the pool of ideas won't dry up. Also, ***Viability=Not just ability to grow and survive, but financial support so this idea isn't out of pocket. Advertising possibility is there to self support it.

Events like the last S-n-T, Rubithon, Sema, vendor highlights are all possible, but only if put together right. There's a post right below this one asking about podcasting the meetings. That will also work as a tie-in, but only if it is a major meeting with a reasonable accountability that it isn't going to be a pissing match or boring. (*Sorry, but you all know what I mean.)


Basically use the networking existing (Facebook, Itunes Podcasts, etc) to propagate this.

**Hold it, was that just me on my soapbox? :lol:
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;) Note to self, maybe a relative newbie driving a 4Runner is not the best representation for a Land Cruiser Club to use?

Just so I have acknowledged that contingent. :D
We should probably ask the question, outside of the chapter delegates, what is the amount of interest in having the option...before we start generating ideas on how to do it.

I know that the conf call costs increase per person on the line.
ummm, I wouldn't be interested in podcasting the meetings... BORING.
A podcast needs to be set up EXACTLY like a morning talk show, with the emphasis on, in the case of a TLCA podcast, toyota trucks... but trust me, the topic will and must deviate in order for interest to be there.... a 'moderator' will get the topic back on point, but the 'color' commentator will keep the audience.... every news show and talk show does this... as well as successful podcasts.... there's hundreds of successful podcasts out there... no sense in trying to re-invent the wheel, just copy one that works and apply it to Toyota trucks...
Well said, Shane, Art, and Eric. I for one, think that unless there is some major news being brought to light.... no meeting podcasts. We don't want to lose anybody, and while the meetings are very important, they also typically do not stir up tons of excitement.
I have some ideas about shows... but would prefer to go to a private forum while we work out the details. What say you? I'm ok with doing it out in the open, but would rather bring it to bear when polished a little more, and save people having to read the boring details....
I don't mind devoting time to this... we can discuss offline...

I'll remember that. :flipoff2:

We coulda held a session at the swap meet!
I don't mind devoting time to this... we can discuss offline...

We coulda held a session at the swap meet!

Sure could have. That would have been a lot of fun. Especially the whole run over the IPOR skidplate with a forklift episode.

YouTube - IPOR_forklift_skid_test.MPG

We could easily do one at GSMTR. All we need is someone to come up with an outline for events. I'm pretty sure we could adlib from there.

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