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Aug 13, 2004
over the years I've asked this question....." What is better oem or high performance?" I have yet gottan an answer the was unbias. Does anyone have the answer?
Not a mechanic but I dont really see where the high performance advantage would come in. Buy a quality product and be done with it. These are cruisers not Ferraris.
FWIW, the FJ60 and FJ62 have good electronic ignition systems right out of the box. I see no reason to replace what's there, unless it doesn't work,\. Then I would replace with OEM gear.

The consensus here is OEM.
Call Cdan at American Toyota, and get hooked up with the OEM parts. All Nippon/Denso parts at a price cheaper than you can get at AutoZone for aftermarket crap.

Also, check your plug and coil wires. If they are original, they will have the mfg. date on the wires. 16 to 20 year old wires dont work quite as good as new ones.

I got plugs, wires, cap and rotor for less than $80 from Dan. This included shipping from NM to NE.

My brother in law replaced rotor and cap less than 2 years ago on his FJ62 with some after market stuff and we disovered that the cap is already toast after having starting problems recently. I'd go with OEM too.
OEM from CDan!!

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