Parting Out PLEASE READ THIS make this field short and to the point.

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Jan 11, 2008
United States
Hey, how many of you are anoyed to see a part that is advertised, yets, its three states away? For you people who post parts, please save us buyers time by making the title

For example WE all know you are parting out a do not repeat it saying "parting out ...."

Please state the following in the thread header

DO NOT do this: Parting out 84 land cruiser

DO THIS: FJ60 Denver, Low miles, All Body parts "damaged back of truck", engine, transmission no rust.

What does this tell the reader? It is a FJ60 located in Denver and has low miles. All of truck in good shape except back area was hit. Rest of truck in good shape.

What is important in these adds is location. To keep shipping down please add location in add.
I agree with you, but it takes maybe a total of 5 seconds to open the ad and see where it's located by read a couple of sentences or looking at the location of the member below their avatar.
Also, to the mods

How about a thread....

" Can you help ? "

How many times have you found a part that you really need but its across the country or farther, and you dont know the condition or the seller has it for sale locally and may go fast....or even wont ship...but its 10 min from another member... I have looked at parts for members have had members look at parts for me.... This is a community a brotherhood ..we can and a lot will... help one another
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It helps to stay brief and to the point ;) yes, condition of part, where its at, contact details..CONTACT DETAILS! how annoying it is when you cannot be contacted!
Heck yeah!

Free bump, -- we all had the internet for awhile now, it's not rocket surgery.
If only there were some posted guidelines for classifieds that folks could follow.... WAIT! There ARE guidelines at the top of the forum... That must be new because no one follows them... Unless people just don't give a crap.... Or are stupid, or illiterate...
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how about put in some folders i'm tired of searching thru everything for 100 parts, 40, 55, 60, 70, 80, 100,105 200

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