Please Check Out This Switch Plug For Me!

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May 21, 2004
San Diego
Hey Guys

Kinda stuck here hoping someone can help.

I am trying to work on a aux fuel system for my 100 series and am looking for the BACK plastic piece of this switch. The switch is an overseas aux tank switch that i found, but i cant get my hands on the back piece of it that the wires clip into. I really want to make this install as OEM as possible, so i am not going to just solder wires to the leads of the switch.

Anyone know of any Toyota Switchs that look like this in the back? I dont have my 80 anymore, but i thought one of the big switches in the middle of the dash did.

If i can find a US spec switch that has the same backing, i can order the part and everything is yippeedeedoodaa! :D

Anyone? Thanks

uhm, is that the sub tank switch? I have the connector for does slee

EDIT: i just checked mine, slee sodered wires onto the end and used a standard molex connector. You will have to do the same.
EDIT: i just checked mine, slee sodered wires onto the end and used a standard molex connector.

Yes, i dont have the ability/skill to do that

You will have to do the same.

I am pretty sure i can find a connector for the back, lots of toyota switches have similar backing pieces!

Example: i used the REAR HEATER backing piece from an 80 on my 80 aux tank switch and it worked perfect, they were the same

If i am not mistaken the CDL switch and the rear defrost use the same one too, or some other combo :D

My .02


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The 80 ones are more square, that looks more rectangular.

The hazard switch and center diff lock switches are interchangeable on late model 80s with some filing of one of the humps.

I agree, you'll find something, I always did in all models of Toyotas in the boneyards when I get a chance.

I used a Tercel pod in my 60 for oil, water, and voltage meters. It matched the grey interior perfect and bolted right up to the dash.

I love how they make everything interchangeable.

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