For Sale Pittsburgh, PA: 2001 LX 470

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Vehicle Model
  1. LX470
United States
rgb(91, 116, 124)
-190k miles
-No rust (outside of minor surface undercarriage. To be expected.)
-Garage kept over the winter months
-Inspection passed for PA til 7/21
-Normal wear and tear for a 20-year-old vehicle
-Timing belt and water pump were replaced at 153,000
-Driver side seat has a tear in it

Photo gallery can be found here.

Purchased from Charlotte, NC last year. Title in hand. Selling because I'm moving to Florida and don't need a second vehicle. I'd drive this bad boy across the country tomorrow.

Asking $11,500. Serious inquiries only.
Honestly it’s just difficult to see detail from my perspective- and in my opinion, it is counter productive. Just my 0.2 sense , no offense intended.

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