Pinging in my FZJ

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Mar 28, 2003
Nashville, Tennessee
I have noticed that my FZJ, '96 with 129k is pinging a little when I push the peddle from ide, in gear.

Does anyone have any suggestions. I run 87 octane. It has gotten pretty warm here lately.

Have you tried running higher octane gas?
Nope. I am on the cheap side. I was thinking a pint of Techtron may clear it up?

However, I might go ahead and run some of the good stuff through it.
Run a good injector cleaner thru it like BG 44K. And try some Higher octane fuel.

If it still knocks, put a blower on it. That way you will have a better reason for the knock ::) .Then all you need to do is add water injection and you'll be brand new. :D
It has to do with the warmer temps, lower octane and the fact that they put methanol or ethanol in the gas to reduce emissions. If you haven't done a fuel injection cleaner, that may help. If you don't want to spend the money on a supercharger and water injection, just buy 100 octane at your local 76 station. It is only $3.95 a gallon. That's a long way to a supercharger. :D
Dang BMT,

I was just about to set the hook........ ::)
>> . It is only $3.95 a gallon<<

Let's see...

$3.95/gal - $1.45/gal = $2.50/gal additional for the 100 octane.
15,000 miles/yr divided by 13.0434 MPG = 1150 gal/yr x $2.50/gal = $2875 which is ~ the price of a S/C for a smart shopper.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this but something works out to the price of a new S/C for Pristine.


Trolling away.......................

Actually not much at all. There is very little margin in Superchargers. Even less to the Mud crowd.

A few warm beers and a small bag of Purina...... :-/
Uhhhh...sorry I was saying...go with the supercharger...the gas is too expensive.
Isn't pinging caused by buildup of carbon under the cylinder head? You could pull your head, have it acid washed, and have the injectors cleaned.
Pinging is from pre-detination. It can be caused by a carbon deposit that actually ignites the fuel prior to the spark. Since higher octane fuel burns slower it slows the combustion front down enough that the piston is heading on the down stroke when the front hits the piston.
I would think that the knock sensor circuit would eliminate the pinging by retarding the timing. If this circuit is malfunctioning or the distributer is so miss-adjusted that it can't compensate then pinging would be uncontrolable.
If the timing circuit checks out then I guess carbon might be at fault.
Thanks. I ran some High Octane through it and it seems better. I may run some techtron through it.

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