¿¿Pig on an fj60 frame??

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Jan 2, 2005
CouleeDamWA, BoiseID
I am considering placing my pigs body onto an FJ62 frame. The 60 frame is wider by three inches. I just wanted to get some input before I decided to go full bore with this.

Anyone ever go with the 60 frame?
I don't want to diss the idea but it seems to me that the '55 body rusts even in a dry area and so does the '60 frame!

Why do it??

The frame on our '55 was in great shape when we got it, better than my '60 even but the '55 body had HUGE rust holes, so bad that we found another body to use for it instead and made one out of two.

It seems like the worst of both series!
Howdy! Are you planning on using the 62 driveline? John

I do have two of the adapter brackets fab'd up for the 62 front axle for the pig frame... but i am running out of time. we are moving back to Washington State in two months. I have an FJ62 that I am doing a 2FE conversion on as well as the pig upgrades and mods. I am just trying to see what the best route to take is. I thought about using the 62's frame with complete drive train intact. it would just be a matter of transferring the body over to the new frame and then using the ecu/tcu and keeping it automatic for now.
i think either way you go its gonna be about the same amount of work and time, frame swap vs. drivetrain swap. i would say go with the best parts you have to build the rig, if the 60 frame is better go for it.

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