Pickup Solid Axle - Differences from LN106?

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May 24, 2014
Hey y'all.

Planning some possible axle work on a JDM Hilux camper which is sitting under a tarp, waiting for me to get my sh*t together.

I'm curious if anyone knows - how much DNA do these share with the solid front axle pickups and 4runners? Here's a nice tidy high res picture from an Australian 4x4 shop showing the complete Hilux axle.

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It has a torque rod which attaches on the top of the pumpkin, and a J-arm on the right side for steering. This is like the left-hand-drive solid axles, only mirrored, right? I am mostly squinting at pictures of complete axle assemblies in old eBay listings and trying to figure out the differences, but I'm wondering if someone with more experience or expertise can weigh in.

It looks to me like they kept the solid axle, relatively unchanged, and kept selling it on the LN106/LN107 Hilux into the 90s!
I think you are correct. Rebuild parts are the same. It's also the same parts used on the FJ4x and FJ6x.
Yep same as a LN106 as standard. Up to 1997 here in Aus I think was the last solid.

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