PHH, offroad lights done and I need a new camera! (1 Viewer)

Feb 7, 2004
On your Mama's Bed!
With 125k on the clock, it was about time to replace the phh. Although, the hose was still in great shape, I decided to replace it anyway. I got the silicone kit from Houston which arrived on Tuesday and installed it Thursday night. Great kit for $25. Well worth it.
Also installed a set of Pro Comp 6" 100w lights while waiting for coolant to drain & for engine to cool down a bit. I read plenty of write-ups on this forum in regards to the phh before tackling the job. Thanks for all the great info everyone! I highly recommend removing the tranny oil dipstick tube to allow more room for your arm to move around. I took pictures in the phh process and the offroad light install, but somehow how my camera did not save the pictures.

Thought I'd share some photos that I took today.


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