PDL with a twist (Pesky Door Lock, a little different problem)

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Nov 12, 2003
Truckee, CA
for those familiar with the PDL issues, this one has me baffled. well... sorta. I could hear the electric door lock trying to move, and sometimes even see a flicker of movement, but it hasn't ever locked itself.

I removed the assembly from the door, opened it up and cleaned/lubed checked everything... seems good. i checked that the relay was ending power to the assembly; all good.

turns out, it's the pesky little motor itself. With the electric lock assembly complete opened up, i put 12V power direct to the little motor, with no load on it (ie: the gear is free spinning). It spins for a moment, then the RPM drops, till it stops completely. Hmph. I don't think rewinding a teeny motor is within my capabilities. I might be stuck having to buy a new one. dang.

or used one I guess.

I suppose I could head to the junkyard and find another toyota car that uses a motor to unlock the doors... but that might be a needle in a haystack trying to find the correct motor size.

double-dang it. I hate giving in.
I've the same problem on several of my doors - seems the motors wear out over time - heat probably plays a factor as my '97 was a So Cal truck and sat in the sun alot - all motors with the exception of the front passenger side are failing intermittently.

I'll probably call Dan tomorrow and price replacement assemblies - assuming he can understand my bog trotter Irish accent.

Wish there was some way to email him instead of having to translate Irish to American ;)

*hint hint*

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