PCV hose inner diameter? And replace with silicone?

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Mar 5, 2010
Hi all -

I've got to take off my upper intake (leaky injector) and so am planning to replace all the little vacuum hoses while I'm in there. From reading numerous threads here, I've determined the little hoses are 3.5mm inner diameter.

What I can't find is what the ID of the two valve cover hoses are (part # 12261-66021 and 12262-66021; one connects to the PCV valve). Maybe my various search terms are not finding the right thread, but I just can't find it anywhere.

Does anyone know what the ID of those two hoses are?

During my research I found mention of replacing the rubber vacuum hoses with silicone ones. Investing a little extra money in the hoses seems like it'd be a good idea if they'll "last forever". I'd rather spend the $ now and not have to deal with a vacuum leak in the future.

Anyone else go this route or have an opinion?

And for reference, I was planning on purchasing the hose from this place: BoostController.com LLC - America's Source for High quality turbo boost controllers, silicone hose, and more performance products - 877-836-6155- precision boost control. Turbosmart Warehouse Distributor


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