Parting out my FJ60

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Jun 28, 2002
Colorado Springs, CO
I am now going to be parting out my FJ60.

I am giving someone 1st refusal on the diffs/lockers/gears. If that person does not want them then I will post up a price on these.

Everything else is up for grabs.

Items of interest:
Front disk brake conversion parts.
Axle housings

35" BFG MT's on chrome wheels
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Some items of interest:

I believe that my pricing is not out of line. If you disagree, please contact me and we can discuss.

I can be reached here via replys, PM's, via email at m-janzen at or by phone at 719-433-4658

Thank You

I am hopefully going to do a compression test on the motor this weekend.

Warn FJ60 front bumper. Will hold a Warn 8274-50

2.5" lift springs, with Man-a-fre long add a leaves, OME shocks and OME Steering stablilizer. They are well used. But would provide a lift for a cheap price.

Daystar 2" overstock shackles (5" bolt to bolt) w/ greasable pins. (Set of 4)

1" Body lift including body mounts. I don't know if I can save the hardware or not yet. I will update ASAP.

Longfield Cryo treated birfields. These are the originals, not the new Chromoly ones. Good Shape. They don't have a lot of wheeling on them.

BF Goodrich Mud Terrains 35" x 12.5" x 15" on chrome 6 lug wheels.
3 are the newer KM style
1 is the older style.
I will update this thread with tread depth when I get a chance to measure them. I have 1 spare mounted on a rim, and 2 that are not mounted. Take as many as you want.

FJ60/62 U bolt flip Kit. Made by 4+ for Man a Fre. Very beefy. Enough for front and back.

FJ62 Style Mirrors. Painted black. Fair Shape

FJ62 Dash mouned grab handle. Perfect for FJ60's that did not come with them

FJ62 OEM Hand Throttle - Fill fit FJ60 as well.

Landcruiser Disk Brake Conversion Kit. Includes everything from the knuckles out. Locking hubs, hubs, rotors, calipers, lines, spindle etc.

Items I have sold
Front and Rear Diffs.
Rear Locker
Choke cable
dash vents
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How about the wind shield wiper motor and wiper assembly? I know some one who need the linkage. What year is your 60?
So I've still got this thing in my garage.

Partial list of what is left:

Rear axle housing with brakes / drums etc. No 3rd.

Motor. complete from Air cleaner to oil pan. Carb, distributor etc. No Steering pump, no alternator, no smog pump, no flywheel. Desmoged. Compression between 105 and 115

Steering Box

Brake booster / master cylinder.


Interior stuff is mostly there. Some good some bad.

carb cooling fan.

Need something, ask.
could you take some pics of the doors. I still may be interested. I have this really wild idea I think I might try.

I only need parts of the doors to be ok.

How does the right front fender look? I need a front fender side marker lens as well.

Maybe I should pretend to be a vulcher and start circling it to see what I can pick off?
Both fenders are crap, as are the lenses.

Honestly if you want to come down and see if there is something you can use, I'd be happy to take beer for a trade. It's just gonna get hauled away anyway.

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