parting 1986 fj60

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Nov 21, 2006
United States
Parting 1986 fj60 in Los Angeles, I just had the carb rebuild 2 weeks ago and transmission was rebuild last year now I'm told it needs a valve job. It was fun while it lasted but its time to let go:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:, for parts or complete email for pics
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Pics and price for whole vehicle to
Condition? Miles?

Mario 1-661-510-2350
Whats the color and condition of 2nd row and rear carpets?
tranfer case with shipping to 97304.
How is the inner passenger side rear fender? I can send pics if needed to clarify exact location.
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lower radiator-water pump pipe?(dont need the short hose pieces.)

Its in bewteen the radiator and the waterpump, has a rubber isolator thingy to RH motor mount bracket.

shipped to 92109

Do you have the transmission cross memeber? If so how much?
I'll give you $1000.00 and you dont have to bother parting it out.
Color? How is the dash pad? How much do you want for the dash pad?

Please PM me with a reply.

I would be interested in both tail light lenses and gaskets. Price shipped to 30014.

Metal plate from tranny hump that holds the shifter boots/with boots

Rear tail gate (drop gate) color/condition/price
Rear axels please?89521chicago
email sent for shipping to 83702. Thxs Tim

• Intake/Exhaust manifold
• passenger side door mirror
• side/running light for passenger side front fender
• chrome trim for passenger side window sill. (it's one piece goes on the gutter of the windshield to the back door)
power steering box to 40601
Looking for the brackets that hold the radio in place the ones that bolt to the underside of the dash and the ones that bolt to the radio itself. I need these bad getting tires of no radio in my cruiser.

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