Part # & part check-charcoal canister?

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Nov 27, 2003
Is this the charcoal canister?
I am replacing the formed hoses that come out of it and wanted to make sure I ordered the correct thing
also, anything else I should order to go along with these 2 hoses?
Howdy! Yup, that should be it, but from what I see, those aren't really "formed" hoses. I don't see any radical bends in them. You may be able to just use standard fuel line for these which is MUCH cheaper. These lines are very low pressure/vacuum. John
There is a third hose (drain hose) connected underneath the canister if you want to replace all of them. I think it's 3/8" though :hmm:
That is the canister and the OEM hoses are "formed".

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