Sep 14, 2003
Yorktown, Va
Hey everybody,

Getting close to done and need to paint this thing somehow. Has an aqualu tub which I know should be "etched" somehow then painted.

My questions are:

1. does it have to be etched? If it does where can I get the etching primer, and how hard is it to do?

2. I am thinking about durabak-ing the whole thing, and their people said it would still need to be etched before applying their stuff. Has anybody done this without etching it?

3. Where is a source for paint if I would like to do it myself? Any body/paint shop? I have a paint gun, just need paint.

4. Finally, which would be less expensive, etch then regular paint, or etch and durabak?

Thanks in advance.

Jun 11, 2005
Hope, Arkansas
etching primer

Search your town for a Dupont automotive finishing supplier and tell them you need some etching primer I don't recall the part #. That stuff is a 2 part mix and very hard on the lungs , USE A RESPERATOR. After I applied that I would apply a good coat of sealer. and then you can do what ever you want with the top coat.

I can get the part # on that stuff if you would like just PM me
Jan 22, 2003
Zinc Chromate is used on aluminum, as is the self etching primer. I think you'd be OK with either. Call or stop by a body shop around quitting time with a 12 pak and just ask to talk to their painter. I have used self etch in a spray can on small stuff. I think the etchant is phosphoric acid.

Ain't gots no al-U-minium, so don't listen to me!


And like David Clayton sez.....Use a respirator! With all the catalyzed stuff out there, you need one, if you like breathing and don't like the operating table.
Just ask the early Imron painters. Spend $50 and save your health.
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