For Sale Paint Quart cans Code 8B2 (1986 FJ60)


Oct 5, 2007
Northern Virginia
Ok so I was planning on just Paining my quarts and lowers (after removing the spary on bedliner) but found out this paint while correct for a 1986 FJ60 was not correct for my ride.
Going though the large stack of receipts I have I discovered my FJ was repainted in 2003 in IL.

So I have this paint for sale.

All sales are final. I paid about $200 for all of this without the extras I am throwing in and will sell it all for $50 + $30 for shipping so $80 shipped to you (I figure Shipping will be about $30 due to the paint) anywhere in the continental US (Alaska/Hawaii we can talk)
I will even through in a Harbor Freight HVLP gun that has never been used.

Paint code is 8B2 I have two quart cans (yes one was opened to take a small amount out and spray a test.

2 full spray paint cans of the same and 1 1/2 spray paint can.
1 Spray paint clear coat
1 quart of clear coat with activator
stir sticks
paint filters and a disposable paint mask (this is like the 3M big mask but disposable)
I will also throw in some sand paper up to 3000 grit and what ever i can find that i bought for this (tape etc)

3nd to last pic is of the actual color before wet sanding and the clear coat.
The 2nd to last and last pic show the correct color on the hatch and on the pillar and side the color my cruiser was repainted. not close enough. the Hatch however is dead on, that hatch was lightly cut waxed from the dullness that it was.







Apr 2, 2015
I've been rattle can painting various parts of my '86 FJ60, along with some touch up, and have been using the same spray cans from I've been thinking of getting set up to paint using a sprayer, but don't have a gun yet. I'm thinking my hood could use a fresh coat, plus I'll need to paint my donor vehicle's rear lift gate that I'll be swapping over. Looks like you have everything I'll need. PM me with your PayPal e-mail.
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