P401 CEL Party 05/22/10

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Mar 14, 2006
Sandy Eggo
OK, wanted to start a new thread for this Saturday's P401 Test components and replace vacuum lines. The plan is to get together at my house at 9:30 Sat morning 05/22/10.

The plan is to test the three components in the EGR vacuum system to determine what component is not opperating properly in your system. And while we are at it you might as well replace all of your hoses.

Just so you understand, your engine light will not go off after this event, this event is just to prevent you from throwing $Money$ at the problem. We will remove and test the EGR Vacuum Modulator, VSV for EGR & VSV. You will then need to order the part/s not working and remove them again, but it should be easy since you will have done it once before.

As for the hoses I replaced mine with hose from NAPA auto parts for under $20 but the Outside diameter is smaller than OEM hose so you will not be able to use a couple of the stock clamps. An aftermarket clamp or zip tie will be needed. So either way you go, NAPA or OEM you will need 4’ of .156 (Inside Diameter) and 3’ of .250 (ID) vacuum hose.

Tools, bring every and all socket extensions you have as we will be removing the components from the bottom rather than removing the throttle body. So about 3' of extensions are needed but we can combine and share extensions if you don't have that many. You will also need extra long needle nose pliers to help remove and connect hoses under the throttle body where your hand can't reach. I have a FSM and will be reviewing it over the next couple of days refreshing myself on the test numbers for the three components.

So far Napertuckytim, murphy744 & possibly VCCruzr & Newps are interested and I have PM'ed you my address.
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Yep, I will be there. :grinpimp:
Yeah, I cannot do this Saturday. It is the last weekend of little league and lacrosse for my boys. Have fun!
I have a FSM and will be reviewing it over the next couple of days refreshing myself on the test numbers for the three components.

OK looks like I found the number I was looking for to test the VSV, 30 - 34 Ohms


Oh and if anyone has a Vacuum Gauge bring it, if not no big deal we will get by without it.
Got the Vacuum Guage!
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Let me know if you guys need any tools. You are welcome to use my volt/ohm meter, socket ext., pliers etc.

Sadly my P401 code came back after I fixed it at the last party :eek: but I am too busy this weekend to join you.
I have the long pliers, about 4 socket ext and a new volt meter so we should be good bro.
Sorry to hear your code came back, But you did only replace one of the two culprits last time. Might be time to do the other two or make sure one of your hoses didn't come lose. With the smaller (OD) NAPA hose that is very possible.
I have 3 socket extensions, and the vacuum gauge...not the pump, but the guage. I believe we have covered everything except ...:beer:
I got the :beer: covered...




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Going to Napa after work today to get the vacuum hoses. Any idea how many clamps are needed? I can pick up a bunch of them while I'm there.
I just picked up another 3' of vacuum line. I have replaced a few lines already without clamps....the NAPA hose seems to fit pretty tight.....could this be part of my problem:doh:
So Tim, I take it your coming then. Right on.

This is probably too late but I can only remember needing one clamp for of the two hose sizes. I might have some clamps for the larger hose and at least I can send you guys off with zip ties and you can put a clamp on when you replace your broken parts.

I already laid out my tools needed on the cart so I will be ready for you all in the morning. :cheers:
I don't remember seeing any clamps on the smaller hoses, bought 8 of the smallest clamps they had.

Blackhawks win! Up 3 games to nothing.
Well, it was good seeing everyone and an interesting session. We didn't really get the answers we were looking for today. We ran all the test on the components and the only component that didn't work as on my co-workers cruiser. His Check Valve was sticking because it wasn't working properly but then he smacked it on his hand and it was working. So he plans on replacing it. Also the tube that goes through the intake manifold was clogged and we couldn't get it cleared. So we just ran some hose around it like I had to do with mine. Tim unfortunately was unable to break free one of the bolts that holds the VSV to the underside of the manifold. So rather than stripping the bolt head he decided to test what he could and replace what hoses he could until he could get a better wrench to get that bolt out without rounding it off.

So after they guys left I decided to put in a new air filter that I picked up before they came over and install my second battery tray since I picked up the needed bolts when I got the filter. But after working with all of you guys trying to fix your engine lights I ended up setting mine off. :doh:
I had unplugged the sensor wire on the intake tube, un-bolted and un-clamped the filter housing. But then went into the house and when I came back out I tried to start my truck to move it and it just died, so I tried it again until I remembered I had unplugged and un-latched the air filter stuff. So now my engine light is on and we will see how long before it goes off. OH well!
Yes, good to meet everyone. On the way home, my left front fender flare decided to try and leave the LC at 70mph. I pulled over but unfortunatly the flare is toast...all the plastic connections are broke. Thanks, Tim for stopping to help a brother out. I'm going to hit the boards to see if someone is parting a black 80.

My CEL came back on this morning....go figure:censor:

My LC checked out as per the FSM...who knows????

When I get back from my business trip, I guess I will start replacing parts.....ya that sucks....but I can't stand the CEL staring at me

Again, thanks to Mark and his girlfriend for hosting the party.....good food man!

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