Our 100 and the drive home

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Aug 13, 2013
Chandler AZ
This post is long overdue but we now have our hundy and she's safely back home in AZ. I found a 2001 with just a little less than 85k miles on Autotrader in ... Western North Carolina! - for just under $17k. I had the nearest dealer (2 hours away) check it out and then we flew out to go fetch her. 2.5 hours drive up to the Smokey Mountains in a rental from Atlanta and we finally got to see the machine.

After some inspecting and discussion with the techs at the dealership (about rust mostly!), we drove down to the owners and made the deal....and then turned west. I had the dealer change ALL the oils before we left (engine, ATF, front, trans and rear diffs). Britt, my wife, our 2 month old and I drove her back through as many states as we could and had a great trip over a weekend. We made a detour up to Canyon de Chelly (across the res) for some minor MUDd'ing before heading for Flag and then home.

Total trip was 2113 miles and she worked flawlessly. Not even a hint of trouble. We drove all that way without plates (not even temporary) too! Ultra-gauge helped me drive (relatively ;) ) economically. We had a surprise trip down to the family farm in Mexico (7 hours) last weekend too and again she was awesome.

This week she's off to Uncle Murf's for a thorough 90 k service. The truck is still under its 90k miles mark, but way overdue in months....

My biggest concern at this point is the "surface rust". There are plenty of bolts that are going to be a pain and the rear bumper plate (under the skin) is ghost of its former self - it even crackles - but I see this as an upgrade opportunity :p Previous owner had the undercarriage coated in a rubbery stuff which may have made things worse. The engine and transmission are great and the interior is very clean (and complete).

I am considering some serious wire wheel time, or perhaps even a soda blast followed by some POR-15. I think realistically though here in AZ its not going to get significantly worse but I'd like to clean it up. She also "lists" to the driver side (about an inch difference!) I think it must be the shocks. - another upgrade opportunity.

This '01 is completely stock (still has the running boards...for now) - except for an iPod adaptor. It does not have the fabled HVAC filter slot.

Plans include - 90k super service, clean up, sliders, bumpers (front AND back), single DIN audio and a lift and tire growth.

I'd be doing much of the 90k service as a I can but I'm off to Israel for a week and a half for work and then we'll be off to MX again....so no time. Also means I will be gone for the next club run! :mad:


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congratulations on your new ride :cheers:

Previous owner had the undercarriage coated in a rubbery stuff which may have made things worse.

undercoating is typical in climates that see snow, it prevents rust if done properly
Congrats Andy! I am glad you decided to post up your adventures back with your "new-to-you" Land Cruiser - its all part of the obsession that has already started :D!

Nice! Same color combo as my 100, and only 120k fewer miles.
Awesome road trip. Glad to hear the 100 ran well!
What Andy? No pictures from Canyon De Chelly?
Sweet! More 100's!! It's a great road tripping car. Done two cross-country trips in ours in the last few years. Sounds like you had a great trip!
With a 2 month old! That's amazing. Nice 100, my wife and I want one too someday.
Canyon de Chelly

Some more pix.... :p

Another hundy one for good measure - I'd like to point out that there was a lot more mud UNDER the cruizer than on the sides...those running boards make good mud flaps and mud collectors. This is the "high side" of the hundy.

The other pic is of "Spider Rock". Very impressive in person.

There is an outfit that takes groups on guided 4x4 tours of the canyon bottom. Might make a good CSC outing. It looks amazing down there, but from what I saw, not particularly challenging off-road wise - but they claim 4x4 is required. They do have to be guided trips.

The 2 month old was very very good, lots of sleeping. We chose not to take the 2 year old on this trip...he stayed home with his aunt.

The rubberized undercoating is good, but in some places it looks like water collected between the rubber and the metal, so there are pockets of rust. Its a little scary when it peels off because it looks like the metal is delaminating, but its just the rubber fortunately.


the 4x4 down there is needed for sandy or wet spots
We got the Cruiser back from Camelback Toyota on Saturday after its 90k service + some. Would like to let you all know what a great job they did and the extra attention Eric provided. We are very lucky here in AZ to have CBT and Eric part of the CSC!

I asked them to steam clean the engine top and bottom too, and suggested they do it before they do the timing belt and water pump. What a difference it makes!

We also changed the cam and crank seals, they had some slight seeping - which just goes to show, you have to watch the miles and the months!

Thanks Claudia - makes sense. Must be just an amazing drive!

I haven't taken it - requires a rez permit and guide, from what I understand

my brother went on horseback with an Indian guide several years ago - he got a pottery shard as a memento :cool:
@johm73 , I kinda figured that was the one you had! @LostAfrican is a good guy, so you have shoes to fill driving that rig. ;)

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