For Sale OR - Purchase Advice - 2002 LX470 148k - Too much rust

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Hi all. First post so apologies if i'm missing some protocol here. I've been pining after an LC/LX but can't afford to get a bad one. My car died last week so i'm in the market for a new daily driver as well. Trying to kill two birds (commuter + toy) with one stone. Looking at a 2002 LX470 with 148k miles for $16k. Interior looks clean but this is the undercarriage. Too much rust? Any input welcome.

2002 LX nmbr1.jpg

2002 LX nmbr2.jpg

2002 LX nmbr3.jpg
For 16k on a 2002...yes too much rust but you need more pics for a real assessment

And maybe post in the discussion section vs. Classified I would think
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That is not a typical ORegon car. If you run the VIN you will probably find it is an east coast car. Hold out for better.
Too much rust for what?

For example, if you plan to keep stock and use as a commuter for a few years you probably won't even notice the rust.

If you plan to build, off-road, and maintain yourself and keep for years and give to children, then yes too much rust.

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