For Sale One owner 70 FJ40

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I'm listing this for a elderly couple. They bought the cruiser new and it has around 70,000 miles on it. It has been in southeast AZ it's whole life and is rust free. It was mainly used as a hunting and camping vehicle. Ramsey PTO winch and spare tank have been added. A couple year old 2F replaced the F145 because os burn valves. The front bumper has a very heavy strap welded behind it. I know myself it a very common problem catching the bumper ends while hunting. Seem it happened on his first FJ40 so he beefed this one up. Rear step, bumperettes and reflectors were removed and a heavy piece of angle iron was bolted for protectin. The refectors are MIA but the rear step and bumperettes will be included and are in like new shape. Check in windshield. Seats recovered. Headliner was replaced. A shelve has been added over the windshield. The Price is $10K. No low ballers. This couple is in their eighties so if anybody is going to steal it from them it will be me and I'm not that going to do that. I'm getting nothing out of these except trying to help a WWII vet and his wife out. PM me with any question or post here.
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Thanks for Helping out someone whom (serving) has helped us ALL enjoy our toys. And I hope you get $$20K for them.
Nice looking Cruiser however your thread title is a little confusing...
.....70 FJ70?

What you never heard of the super rare 1970 FJ70:rolleyes:
Your right it is misleading sorry about that. I don't understand how you can edit your thread to say something is sold and delete the price which is usefull information while doing a search when trying to find out how much something is worth but if you make a mistake in a title you can't correct it. I'll see if I can't find someone who cancorrect the title
I was just jerking your string a little. My 8th grade typing teacher retired prematurely after having me as a student. ( She said something about not getting paid enough to put up with this crap):). It is nice that you are helping the couple and good luck with the sell.
title is fixed. bump for a nice 40.
Rust free floors

This has a carpet kit that may have been offered thru Toyota. This is what the floors look like under the carpet.
Gotta love AZ cruisers. If it was a 76' Id be all over it. Bump to help a Vet. Good luck.
If I didn't already own a rust free, dune beige 76 FJ40 already I would probably buy it myself

Bump with a few more pictures
I love this and wish I had 10 K and did not live 20 hours away!!
Wow..if this had been for sale a year ago I would have bought it.

You are killing me... is that original paint too?

I would have to ask to be sure but it sure looks like original paint. You can see the running boards were removed and painted black but the rest looks original. Any one has any question I don't know I can email them to find out.

No cracks in the doors skins by the vent windows. A common problem with the earlier doors. A picture of the under side of one of the fenders.
I took the pictures so I have had a look at it. But it is about two hunderd miles from my home. This is sitting in a car port on the north side of the home. So it really doesn't see much heat but it is outside with all the desert dust and heat. The guy is eighty-six years old and doesn't really drive it that much if any. Just goes out and starts it up ever once in a while. As far as being the original I believe him. I bought a trailer from last summer and he had it since 1961 (0n the title). The only thing I did was start it up and back it out of the carport and then back in after taking some pictures. It did start right up and shifted find. Brakes works. It did seem funny I don't believe I have driven a column shift since I switch to a floor shift in my 68 back in 1975.

FYI this probably hasn't been washed in at least a couple of years. Nothing has been clean up or is anything trying to be covered up. The reason I pulled up the carpeting to show how clean it was underneath it. The first I saw this last summer I didn't looking under the carpet. I knew it would be that clean. You can tell it have been used but the owner has taken care of it. This has free wheeling hubs under the hub caps. I told him he could buy hub caps with holes. He said anytime he took it off road he would pull the hub caps because he didn't want them to get dented. If you see the set of early hub caps I bought off of him you would see what I mean. Rear steps off of earlier FJ40s in perfect shape including original paint. This is not a perfect cruiser but you would be hard pressed to find a cleaner rust free original FJ40.

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