One Bouncing FJ-40

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I need your help!! My FJ-40 is SOA with 35 inch tires. Stock springs in the front with a shackle reversal. In the rear, I have old, stiff, 3-leaf Rancho 2 1/2 inch lift springs. I am running a anti-wrap bar. I have Rancho 5000 shsocks. Also running ARB's front/rear, 350 Chevy V-8, and SM-465 tranny.'s where I need advice. I have noticed on steep, loose, rocky climbs that my Cruiser gets to "bouncing". I have to come to a stop to get it out of that bouncing mode. I believe it is worse since the SOA, but it was there before the conversion too. What do you think is causing it? Too stiff rear springs? Is the "bounce" affected by tire pressure? Too stiff shocks along with stiff rear springs?

Your help is appreciated.

I'd have to rule out to the thought of shocks being too stiff. A shock's function is to minimize the "perpetual" bounce one would get if they were driving around with just shocks. On the flip side, if your shocks were worn out, they would not provide enough resistance to stop the vehicle from bobbing up & down with each & every bump.

So, it sounds to me like your shocks are worn...
Posasibly the stiff springs combined with too low a tire pressure...the springs don't take the jounce, so the tires load/unload and create it instead.

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