On Vehicle Injector Testing. Cleaning???

Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
I looked in the FSM and there is a way to volume test and check for leaking injectors. Its under SFI section. Look for Injector Inspection.

You just need some SST's: Cdan, help!
2 unions SST 09268-41045 (90405-090150) SST 09268-41045 (09268-52010)
clamp SST 09268-41045
wire SST09842-30070

You hook up a hose to the fuel filter. That hose goes to the regulator. There is a split in the hose, you hook up another hose that goes to the injector.
You use the battery to turn on the injector for 15 sec using a SST.(I assume its a car 12V battery, that is what the pic shows in the FSM) The SST looks like a plug for the injector with clips that go on a battery. You measure the volume that the injector puts out.
You can test for leaks too.
Now if you could somehow hook a cleaning agent, you could clean them too.

I was thinking :eek:
As long as you have the fuel rail off the motor with the injectors still on it.
Why couldn't you hook it up, using a hose off the fuel filter and test each one off the fuel rail using the SST that turns on the injector?

Either way doesn't look very hard to do.
That is, if there is a way to clean them using this setup.

My scanner is not working or I would scan the pic in the FSM so you"s could see what I mean (ment).


Mar 27, 2003
Groveland MA
the injectors are clamped into place by the fuel rail and the intake. If you would just remove the rail and add pressure the injectors would shot off.
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