On-Vehicle Crankshaft installation

Jun 4, 2005
Rock Creek BC
Hello people,

I have a rebuilt motor in my BJ60 with less than 5000kms on it. The crankshaft broke just in front of No1 cylinder. Aside from being super choked, I do have another crank that I am having inspected.

My question is: how hard would it to be to install a Crankshaft on a SO BJ60 while the motor is still in the truck? I know the timing case needs to be removed.

Would it be easier to just pull the motor and start over?



DanS HJ-45

Apr 26, 2007
Dumont, CO
Short answer: remove the engine to swap crankshafts.

Long answer: if you remove the transmission and flywheel you probably COULD remove the crankshaft from below, but you'd have to support the motor (it'd only have two motor mounts, so it would teeter) carefully, and you'd be working in all kinds of uncomfortable positions. OR: you could do the same amount of work in unbolting the transmission, but also remove two bolts on the motor mounts, lift the motor out of the truck and do the work in the comfort of being out in the open. It's also a whole heck of a lot easier putting it all back together when the motor is out in the light of day.

For my money: I'm almost thinking of pulling my engine just to change the Timing belt, front crank seal and cam seal--just so I don't have to work in the engine bay (the 2LT-E your 3B doesn't have a timing belt).


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